Monday, March 31, 2008

less and less perfect as time goes on

pretty - Photo Hosted at Buzzneti like it - Photo Hosted at Buzznetsocks - Photo Hosted at Buzznetdonut at church - Photo Hosted at Buzznetoh wow, a decent picture - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

i feel very sad right now.

cauliflower wow - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
not for you.

at church.  i like this one - Photo Hosted at Buzznetnot bad - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

i fight sadness a lot. i wish people would not be so mean and hateful on my blog. it is depressing. isn't the world hard enough without people discouraging and trying to make me feel like crap? it takes a lot of energy to try and not be bothered by it. i just want to blog my little blog. i don't want to hurt anyone.