Friday, March 7, 2008

of what do you approve?

capitol2 - Photo Hosted at Buzznetcapitol - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
well, i worked my first day at a new job. it is post-construction cleanup at a safeway store. 2AM-10:30AM. blargh!~ and i am grateful to have a job. however, i will be hoping that someone else calls and hires me for something else instead. i dusted for 8 hours straight!!!!!!!!! or almost eight hours. i am now brain-dead. i tried to go to sleep at 5pm last night but i couldn't sleep. i drank chamomile, hot cocoa and nyquil. i fell asleep and then somebody called our house at 9:30PM and woke me up. argh! and to top it all off, i get to come read the hateful comments my lovely readers have left here on this blog. joy.

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HOWEVER one of the apartments i have applied for has called me to come into their office today. so maybe that will be some more good news for my life. maybe that will satisfy the naysayers? doubt it. they'll just find something else to nitpick at my life about. (horrible grammar, don't care enough to change it).

at least i have the weekend off!
BYE freaks. ;-)