Tuesday, March 31, 2009

hair i am (the long and the short of it)

Tidepool Starfish - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
that was me in 2004. i guess i would have been 31, then. am i 35? yeah. born in 73.

 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
this was around that same time.

See my band-aid? - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
maybe a year later?

 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
love this cut, my hair looked great, but i am over it.

 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
maybe i'll look for some other lengths for ya.

 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
for now, i'm enjoying my long hair.

watch out

Picture 602
well, too bad about Christopher Walken's Twitter being a FAKE! so sad.
but interesting that it's going to be harder for people to get away with defaming, slandering, pretending to be someone else online! see the article here about Courtney Love being Sued for talking smack (or, tweeting it, rather) about a designer.

Monday, March 30, 2009

a day off, can you tell?

Picnik collage fancy
my laptop came with microsoft picture editing shit, but being a refurbished laptop, i don't know, apparently i don't own the MS software. so it has expired, which led me to search for free photo editing software online. a la picnick.

Picture 660
picture editing + avoiding housework = fun, i guess.

Picture 662

Sunday, March 29, 2009

absent-minded professor

Picture 457

sometimes i go to a web page/blog and i have it in one of my tabs and then i go off and open eight or ten other tabs and leave them all open for like, six hours, without even looking at them. so don't get all conceited or whatever if i sit on your blog for a hundred years. it just means, i wanna look at it.... but haven't gotten a round tuit, yet.

the truth is.....
nobody knows what the HELL is going on, do they?

also. people who don't blog for days on end... are.....
well, i was gonna say 'not my friend' but that will probably royally piss SOMEbody off.... so nevermind.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


is it anything cool or special that ryan seacrest @tweeted me today?
i asked him if he was short like they say and he answered, "no, they are just tall"

i've started riding my bike again, since there's no more ice and snow on the roads.
it's okay riding TO work, cuz that's downhill. riding home after a long day, UPhill isn't as fun. it'll be even worse once it starts warming up! ugh.

Picture 536
i made soup again yesterday. from scratch. it's like making dinner for a week, for free! using all ingredients i already have on-hand. i can't go shopping this month, cuz i'm temporarily experiencing a financial setback. this time i used a few different ingredients and took pics along the way for proof, for those of you who don't believe i can make a simple chicken, vegetable, rice soup. who knows, hopefully i will post the pics soon. or maybe just a couple. whatever. no big whoop.

Picture 530
well, as usual, i am working the weekend. hope y'all are having fun doing fun stuff while i slave away.

Friday, March 27, 2009

to the nines

calamaridinnerwhat i ate for dinner penne pesto
delish calamari.
i forgot that pesto for some reason tends to give me a stomachache. but it didn't, this time. not really sure why it should, in any case. idk, i did get full after like two bites... which is unusual. maybe it's pasta?

bench view view from my balcony
this is what i saw from my balcony, today.

Picture 589
view from my porch
nice houses. homes. looking down on my apartment in a little canyon with a creek flowing through it.

my little sister is coming to visit me next week!


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they post anonymously
they post anon (via proxy)
they make irrelevant comments
you don't like their tone
they ask too many questions
they insult you somehow
i don't need a reason
none. banning is for wimps
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h8 when ppl ban me bc sum1 else 'told them to'