Saturday, November 29, 2008

hide nor hair

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Watching along came polly on basic cable, which reminds me of how one of my aunts thinks i look like debra messing.

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Today i had a painting in mind that i wanted to paint based on a doodle from my very own imagination.
Ran to walmart to buy a canvas. They didn't have the size & shape i'd had in mind so i bought a $5 canvas & have begun working on it.
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The ballad of jesse james is a beautiful movie.

Friday, November 28, 2008

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I uploaded to youtube another dreadful video of myself being hideous. Couldn't figure out how to embed it via cellphone tho. Sorry.

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Now that i'm back home, i came up with a really cool thanksgiving outfit but i forgot my camera at my mom's.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Listen if you want to

IMG 3948toaster

Carlos Santana /Jeff Beck Amazing Grace

can opener

thoughts are things

tv 019
so, uh, i am horrible at packing for trips.
i usually pack, like, 800 pairs of socks, twenty sweaters, one shirt and no pants or bottoms. something like that. this time, i packed very stupidly. i usually end up looking like i have no clothes and i wear the stupidest things. anyway. i only brought the pants i was wearing and no other choice for bottoms to my outfits.

tv 020a
ARGH! and now i pretty much hate these dumb walmart jeans. the design on the back pockets is just STUPID. the only thing i can really wear them with would be long shirts or dresses. sigh. on frickin' holiday get-togethers one is supposed to feel fancy and dressed up. not wear the same thing they've been wearing for two days prior.
oh well. it doesn't matter.

tv 025
here is what i ate for brunch yesterday at a china buffet.
oh yeah, happy thanksgiving and such.

last night when i was putting up videos, i watched 3 of raymi's youtube videos and left comments on them.

her responses are amusing and insane and i feel like sharing them with you because it really is so ridiculous.

on a mind-numbingly boring video of her putting on gobs and gobs of mascara, a video of hers which had no comments, but 877 views (how does that work?), i commented, "omg. enough mascara there?" her reply "you are clearly on a psychotic rampage and you are truly terrifying and sick!"

i responded saying something like 'that is ridiculous. what evidence do you have to support this conclusion? i am fine.' but she deleted that.

on her video of her 'interpretive dance' to madonna's hung up (2074 views, 5 comments), i responded to another commenter in the thread as follows:

akerraetxea: no comments? well is hard to talk about someone special as raymilauren

helpandbehelped: most ppl prolly don't watch more than two seconds of it.

raymilauren has replied to your comment on hung up madonna:
wow loser rampage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

uh.... how is my comment a 'rampage?' it's just my opinion that most likely people are looking for that song, check to see what this girl dancing to it video is like and then realize it wasn't what they were looking for and move on. that's a rampage?

and the third and final comment i left and then moved on to messing with my own videos was on her video called 'uh, i think it worked'

here are the contents of that thread:

clusterkill: well you always choose good songs, at least ;-)

raymilauren: at least as in?

jeffkahl: this is one of my favorites by MGMT! wicked shit yo!

helpandbehelped: at least as in that is prolly the best part of your vids? idk

to which she responded (but has since deleted it)

raymilauren has replied to your comment on uh i think it worked:

happy thanksgiving holier than thou the one time you go home to see yer family you spend it jerking off to me. WINNER!

exactly how does she consider this 'jerking off to her'? looking at youtube vids, videos where apparently thousands of people spend their time 'jerking off to her' which is, i'm just guessing here, the whole reason she puts these videos up. and the ones i'm discussing here are some of the 'tamer' ones.

and, 'the ONE TIME i go home to see my family?' what does that mean? i see my family regularly and have done so throughout my life... she's the one who is going on a psychotic rampage, methinks. does she think that's the only thing i've been doing for the past 48 hours? jerking off to her? don't flatter yourself, 'honaye'.

and her blog title today says it all: 'maybe i have a mean brain, but at least i have manners'

oh really?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

extremely lame video for you

if it doesn't work, it's still processing.

tv 017
oh my god my ass is huge i guess i will just stop eating until i turn into a toothpick and poke everyone with my pointy ribs, hips and elbows. how sexy.
oh, didn't you get the memo about the skinniness competition?

old self portraittv 015
an old self-portrait. painted it about four years ago? while taking a summer painting course at humboldt state.

tv 016

this crazy doll, where did it come from?

tv 008barbie feather head
what happened to her neck?

tv 006wow doll
she seems little bowlegged, no?
back barbie feather

this doll was at my mom's. must've belonged to my sister when she was little?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

violet crumble

violet crumbleIMG 3848IMG 3849
this stuff rules.
my fave candy is homemade honeycomb, but this will do in a pinch.
it's like malt balls but molasses flavored.

in n out burgerin n out! yum
long day.

be as mountains, unperturbed

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here's what i get for trying tn do a load of laundry before leaving on our thanksgiving trip: i go down to the laundry room at 5:30 to move my clothes from the washer to the dryer; and, the laundry room is closed! Locked for the night due to some waterpump emergency which necessitates the water to the entire apt complex be turned off all night until an unspecified time the following day.

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So, this morning, when the apt mgr shows up, he lets me get my wet clothes out of the washer which, having been shut down, is full of water. I squeeze as much water out of the clothes (which now weigh a metric ton) as i can & haul them up the stairs, dripping a trail of water all the way to my apt.

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I had to squeeze more water out into the bathtub & hang the clothes to dripdry in the shower so we could hit the road. Also we had to get a bucket of water from the stream so we could flush the toilet before we could leave.

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Fun stuff. But i didnt let it get me too stressed. Reminds me how much i take for granted running water.