Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i'm tired

Picture 081
i hate the internet right now.
i am not in the mood.
i don't care what new stupid shoes/dresses/whatever-the-fuck necklaces you got.
i don't care what i ate yesterday.
it was good but i didn't take a picture.
i don't have my camera with me.
who's impressed?
not me.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

all apologies

more sinead just cuz i love her and i love this song by her.
(all apologies)

also Fire on Babylon (universal mother is one of my fave albums)

Picture 001
i think it is interesting that it says, "i love you, girl"

Picture 010
some people like these national landmark signs.

Picture 005Picture 006Picture 007
it is a good burger. cheap, too, for the amount of food you get.

Picture 008
real strawberry shake. it was delish. i only had a few bites.

Picture 003
why do you come to this blog?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

oh wait, is that allowed?

Picture 011Picture 010Picture 012Picture 013
my shirt is very linty because i didn't dry it in the dryer.

Picture 009Picture 008
i put that together out of a pin (hecho en mexico), a bauble from a thrift store and a walmart necklace. i like it.

Picture 016
OMG i am SO FAT. my bf says if i lost anymore weight he wouldn't like it cuz he doesn't like bags of bones for a gf and he said he wouldn't mind if i gained 5-10 lbs. so there ya homos. ;-)

Picture 041

Thursday, September 18, 2008

i'm going hungry, yeah

Picture 048
i am starving nigh unto death this very moment.

Picture 026Picture 023
i juat want you to know that i read a lot of fashion magazines. i hate most of them. i hate glamour, cosmo, seventeen... they are yuck. i don't like how they focus so much on just.... sex and how to turn your man on and i don't know they are just so incredibly stupid. but i still read them because i get them for free and because it is fun to look at the pictures and laugh at the silly things they write.

Picture 025Picture 024Picture 022Picture 004
anyway, just don't assume you know what i think about and what i read and to whom i speak and with whom i am involved.
cuz ya don't.

there's a solution

Picture 008
this thing is totally cool.
someone made it out of a coconut shell and paper.

Picture 003
i've got to figure stuff out.
i need some time to find the answers.
sort things out.

Picture 005Picture 010
YOU aren't real.
did you know that?
cuz the internet isn't real and people on the internet aren't real.
at least, that's what i am told.
what do you think?