Sunday, May 31, 2009

in a bullet proof vest


ahhh it is raining, making the air in my apartment cool and fresh. i love it.
rain is my favorite.

ganesh painting oops dent in canvas

a better photo of the painting i'm working on, now. i still have a lot of detail to add; but, i like it so far. i've put a few hours into it so far.

water boat water lake boat tree

next sunday is my birthday. number 36. i'm going to see Peter Murphy perform.
yeah, he's old but... he's practically legendarily awesome. isn't he?

dirt nice tree and water scene
there's thunder right now. i just love the rain so much. it mostly reminds me of living in humboldt county. some people would start jonesing for the sun. me? never. cloudy, overcast, never hot is where it's at for me... all the way!

Friday, May 29, 2009

if we lose the fire

italian cypress i love you or monterey cypress either way.... i don't know cypress.
italian cypress i love you (or monterey cypress, either way).... i don't know cypress.
mixed baby greens edamame prosciutto gorgonzola lemon juice olive oil
mixed baby greens, edamame, prosciutto, gorgonzola, lemon juice, olive oil

golden arms. sad pasty legs. poor me.

sweet chalk on sidwalk
sweet chalk on sidwalk
sidewalk chalk
sidewalk chalk
poppy bud
poppy bud

look at that. it's gorgeous. i took twenty pics of poppies. they enchant me just looking at them. i am going to incorporate them into all of my paintings. well, many of my paintings. i'm just going to go in and paint poppies into them. they are intriguing to paint. and nobody cares about my ganesh painting prolly cuz the pics suck. i took some better pics tho. you'll see.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

so unusual

art stuff
my neighbor says things like:
"i prayed to God that the sun would come up ... i said, 'let there be light' and it happened."

or: "today, i prayed that these wasps would come and now they are here."

yep. there are wasps and the sun rises daily. your prayers were answered.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ritual de lo habitual

jail sign
apparently buzznet decided to change everything on their site so now it's like totally different omg! don't make me have to pay attention and think!

like those lights
change. change. change. the essence of Life.
i wanted to go into that restaurant and get a good pic of those lights, but... alas it was not open.

birks on beach
ma shoon.

here again a picture of a random, retro-cool hotel sign and nice lighting due to a thunderstorm.

and again. dramatic thunderstorm lighting.

an active dude.

cartrat tail
dude with stylin hair checkin' out his own groceries. a great way for we 'anti-socials' to shop.

and in this pic i am pretending to look like cate blanchett in the movie bandits.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

we're all part of it

gullsbeachlakeviewlakecool shotlakecarrie
what is your specific sound?

ridiculous salad omg
i chose one trip to the salad bar and i got way greedy. it took my two days to eat this. (i always take food home with me whenever i go to a restaurant. well, that's my goal, anyhow. i'm usually full after three bites)

water and air
oh, man. how fun would that be?


mickey rourke
what do you think that is a drawing of???

Monday, May 25, 2009

i want you to look like you're having a good time

i can't tell you what's really going on.
nothing really.
i am trying to find a new job cuz i hate my old one.
making resumes and cover letters and filling out applications and reading deepak chopras secrets to success to keep me motivated and positive.
it's easy for me to get negative. i do it a lot.
but positive and happy and serene is the real key to the future.

dolls are creepy
this doll reminds me of what i looked like when i was little.

carved doll
i don't even know what that is. just thought it was cool.