Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ritual de lo habitual

jail sign
apparently buzznet decided to change everything on their site so now it's like totally different omg! don't make me have to pay attention and think!

like those lights
change. change. change. the essence of Life.
i wanted to go into that restaurant and get a good pic of those lights, but... alas it was not open.

birks on beach
ma shoon.

here again a picture of a random, retro-cool hotel sign and nice lighting due to a thunderstorm.

and again. dramatic thunderstorm lighting.

an active dude.

cartrat tail
dude with stylin hair checkin' out his own groceries. a great way for we 'anti-socials' to shop.

and in this pic i am pretending to look like cate blanchett in the movie bandits.