Thursday, May 21, 2009

annoying questions alert

i've really been CRAVING a change in my life. i've been so sick of my job, figuring that is what needs to be changed. i've been applying around. i like to try to get in at least one new application every day; but, i took the day completely off today, in that regard. what kind of change do YOU crave?

i've been sorta/kinda working on this painting of ganesh/a. he is the remover of obstacles. one of my christian facebook friends got a little upset about it because he felt maybe like i was worshiping idols. what kind of idols do you worship/not worship?

green body
arty shot from inside that one really cool art store from a few posts back.
what is your favorite color of mannequin?

nice eye
this is what i look like today.
today i cooked some basmati rice and added pesto to it and a little bit of grated cheese. do you think pesto and basmati rice go together?

mmmmm. espresso/cappucino. too bad i drank two doubles that day. buzz buzz!
do you like coffee better? or tea?

fake smile
i was bored today and applied tons of make-up then faked a smile in front of one of my unoriginal paintings. when do you wear the most make up?

omelette olives
i made this for breakfast the other day. i am a protein addict. do you like protein? do you like pimiento stuffed olives?

brie addiction
how about brie? mmmmmm. i love brie more than anyone ever should! i think i have a problem.

skirt sandal
how about pictures of your knees? have you ever taken a picture of your knees/feet?

haha. do you find all of these questions fun or annoying or stimulating?
what do YOU think?