Monday, May 18, 2009

always more

scene mountainback of hatsnail shellsold can
went to the lake for a few hours.
there was hardly a soul there. the place was deserted.
i guess everyone is waiting until next weekend? for the big memorial day splash?

rock towerchris lake
see? people get all mad when i take their picture!
(just kidding)
he wasn't mad. i think he was talking.
i still like it tho.

straight side
this picture shows the straight side of my body. the other side is curvy.

pelicansbouys ? buoys?dockmosquito bitten armscompassnest with featherhuge sandwich
$2.50 for this! amazing!

painted trash canwalking
i guess that's enough for now.
i always take more pics than i know what to do with.