Friday, February 29, 2008

doop diggity

Picture 008
i'll be traveling all day so don't worry about me.
i'll post any comments at about 7PM, for ya.
last night's supposed 'concert' was not what i'd expected.
it was essentially Church.
i didn't even take any pics.
but i still need to buy batteries.
so i guess i'll go do that now before my bus leaves.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

fancy homeless shelter meals this week

Picture 014Picture 021Picture 005
i'm supposed to go to some sort of free concert tonight.
better buy new batteries for my camera.
it eats them up fastly.
i am starving.
time to go buy some milk for my roommate cuz i am nice.
then walk home.
eat something.
freshen up.
and stufflikethat.
hope you have been having a nice day.
things are going okay with me.


meh and bracelet - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
i have comments on american idol, but i don't feel like typing them up right now so you'll have to be held in suspense until i decide to feel like it.

reflection - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
i fill out at least one job application EVERY day! and it is getting frustrating.
i feel like i have said this before.
hopefully some day it will pay off
instead of being how it feels right now,
as though i may as well be dropping applications off into the center of a black hole.

i'm filling out an online app and it is taking like an hour to do it.
online apps take FOREVS.

old mural
i wish i could make this photo be my blog background. i don't know how to do that with the new-style blogger template, or i'd've done it long ago. anybody wanna try and help me with that?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

cool fence thing - Photo Hosted at Buzznetredhead and red stairs - Photo Hosted at Buzznet - Photo Hosted at Buzznetmy shoes - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
i walk around so much lately, that i have blisters on my feet and since i forgot to wear sunscreen, now i have a sunburn on half of my face and on my upper chest area. only half of my face because my hair hangs down over one eye and covers about half of my face.
i have to go do a bunch of crap.
i took some notes on american idol, but i will wait until after tonight before i post about it. i'm sure you can't wait to hear my thoughts~!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

this is so narcissistic

whatever - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
third post of the day?
what is wrong with me?!
it's not like i have anything to say.
what should i obsess about here on this blog right now?
oh, i took a picture of my lunch before i ate it today.
but i don't feel like uploading it right now.
maybe tomorrow.
i'll tell you about it then.
i'm always falling behind on my blog.
my blog is always a day late and a dollar short.
it's about what i did a few days ago, all the time.

if i tell you about other people, i might be violating their privacy.
or gossiping.
or being judgmental.

basically, i can't win.
and i don't have time to think about it, really.
do i?

who cares.
sams cola

people always laugh at me when i take pics of the things i eat and drink.
they think it is very strange.
they are like "are you new?"
as tho i've never seen a can of soda before.
or a chili dog.

michael john stanley

okay, so here are the long-awaited photos of michael john stanley.
Picture 044 michael john stanleyPicture 043 michael john stanleyPicture 040 michael john stanleyPicture 039 michael john stanleyPicture 038 michael john stanleyPicture 035 michael john stanleyPicture 034 michael john stanley

realistic vulgarity

i've not been able to upload any pics since friday.
i haven't had internet access until today.
but won't be able to upload pics until tennish.
so here are some deep thoughts.

if you're mobile, you can do anything.

time is a virtue.

it is counterculture to watch sanford & sons.
redd foxx is cool.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

green blouse - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
i saw michael john stanley perform last night.
it was da bomb.
pictures monday.

Friday, February 22, 2008

your choices will change the world

DSCF0106 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
did you see the lunar eclipse? i did. at first, i didn't know about it and i just noticed that the moon looked super spectacular up there in the sky and the surrounding stars... it was a surrealistic scene. quite noticeable. but later, someone told me it was a lunar eclipse and then i realized "oh, it's supposed to be a full moon and when i saw it, the moon was half." so i went and looked again and it was back to full and all colorful and junk like that.

the other day i had a dream that i was trying to remember steve buscemi's name and i couldn't. in my dream, i could recall his face and the movies he'd been in, but his name wouldn't come to me. even after i woke up i couldn't remember his name. which, i've long known, so it was strange. why did i dream that???? why did that happen? is there a reason, or not? i mean, like, what is the significance.... if any?

Thursday, February 21, 2008


okay, here are some of my comments about american idol.
important stuff, i know.
sorry, i love the show.

(please take all of my comments here with a grain of salt. it's only for entertainment purposes. these thoughts are 'off-the-cuff' i realize i would be laughed off the show instantaneously if i were to try out even tho i am too old, anywayz)

The Guys

David: creepy chubby combover jackblack guy. NOPE.
i did like his treatment of Happy Together. like simon said, he almost made it work.

David Archaleto- did he say he had surgery on his vocal cords?

Jason- dreadlock dude is the cuteness. he kinda reminds me of kurt when he performs. he seems humble/shy, which is endearing.

and i LOVE michael johns. he is the hotness.


what's with tapping the mic while we sing? get over that.

Alaina Whitaker's performance was good. her voice has character. wow. especially for 16!!! Yowzas. she can blow!

Amanda Overmyer said no more Janis but it was very Janis and a little bit all over the place, like simon said.

Amy Davis- not a good song choice. bad start. wavery. i didn't like it. the triune judges said "not you" YEP.

Brooke White- great song choice. love her voice. i loved the drama v. the happiness of the song. but "being nice" is not okay with simon. ha.

Kady Malloy ruled. they were way too hard on her.

Asia'H-- i was not happy with the song choice. i like her voice and she is really cute and fun. she reminds me of brittany murphy.

I love Carly Smithson. she picked a weird song with too many ups and downs. i didn't like the low parts or how wide she opens her mouth. forgettable performance, i say.

i like what Ramiel said about psyching yourself out and blocking everyone else out. good advice. her performance was very dramatic.

Syesha is cool man. wow. amazingly awesome.

about the judges: i think they let the judges go on and repeat themselves too much. edit some of that shiznit, mang.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

set the record straight

i just discovered that someone is leaving comments on another blog and linking them back to my blog. as though it were me leaving the comments. i'm sure most people won't believe me, but all i can say is that it isn't me, and leave it at that.
you'll believe what you want, tho.. i'm sure.

there's probably not much point in even addressing this issue.
i'm not going to go on about it after this.

there is some major stuff wrong with the world, that's about all i can say.

or whatever.

but i am going to watch american idol tonight! yeehaw.
that puts things into perspective, now doesn't it? (joke)
actually, in some ways, that show does put some things into perspective.
like, it demonstrates the different levels of thinking which can be seen in the human species. how some people are just way out there, man.

anyway, you probably think i am the one who is way out there.
i can't really do much about that.
you will think what you want.
that's the way it goes.

some quotes

 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

"...unawakened men and women all try to deny the suffering of life and pretend that it has nothing to do with them. Such denial is not only futile (because nobody is immune to pain and these facts of life will always break in) but also dangerous, because it imprisons people in a delusion that precludes spiritual development."

"...As long as we persist in closing our minds and hearts to the universal pain which surrounds us on all sides, we remain locked in an undeveloped version of ourselves, incapable of growth and spiritual insight." --Buddha by Karen Armstrong.

Friday, February 15, 2008

life is life

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who has the most perfect life?

that is a rhetorical question.
nobody has a perfect life.

see 4 noble truths for verification.
all are subject to suffering in one form or another.
sickness old age and death will eventually catch up to every single person on this planet.

anyway, time to go serve/eat lunch and sit around with all the needy peeps. (myself included among them)

talk atchya later doodz

Thursday, February 14, 2008

whoopsie. i need humility again.

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this evening i figured i'd just resign myself to kicking it at home
but NO!
i get way too annoyed by the women with whom i live!
i mean, it's petty stuff that bugs me
just cuz i am so antisocial, really is the only reason.
it's like do we ALL have to be in the kitchen at the same time?
is this really the time for that to happen?
can we not stagger our physical occupation of the kitchen?
five people in the kitchen at once just isn't necessary, man.

whatever. i've been complaining a lot lately.

someone is helping me to learn sign language. it's cool.
and fun.

I CANNOT BELIEVE they voted JOSIAH off American Idol!
HE WILL BE BACK. believe it.
you know they always bring people back.
I loved him.

i also like that australian dude. he's awesome.
and i like the nerdy guy, but he got voted off and it's a good thing that he didn't make it when JOSIAH didn't!

nerd rant over.

these pics are from my phone, again

can i tell you the truth?
blogging nauseates me.
reading other people's self-indulgent blogs quite seriously makes me queasy.
a horribly guilty pleasure, like looking at porn.
which i don't do.
i mean, i have.
but it makes me sick.

the digital camera my mom gave me, her old one?
if you use the flash at all, the batteries die after you take about three pictures.

actually, i just feel nauseated today about pretty much everything.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

she has trouble acting normal

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today i am feeling emotional.
the past few days, i have been.
it feels bad.

i just finished reading Further Along the Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck. it was GOOD. i love the way he writes.


here is what i ate for dinner last night.
 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet - Photo Hosted at Buzznet - Photo Hosted at Buzznet - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

now i am going in for my last dentist appt.
the last one for now, anyway.
i'm sure i'll end up going again sometime in the future, but nothing is currently planned.
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