Sunday, December 30, 2007

why don't YOU tell ME?

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i saw sweeney todd yesterday.
that is all i have to say to you at the moment.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

kick me when i'm down

my son (anime-ish) - Photo Hosted at Buzznetdoodles - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
i sketched that top pic of my son a couple of days ago.
someone said it looks like me.
i think it looks like him.

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Friday, December 28, 2007

way too many pics of the first dress

i like this dress the best.
flash dress - Photo Hosted at Buzznet - Photo Hosted at Buzznetcamera face - Photo Hosted at Buzznet - Photo Hosted at Buzznet - Photo Hosted at Buzznet - Photo Hosted at Buzznet - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

don't you step on my blue suede shoes

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i saw the grandma moses exhibit at the crocker last week.
that was cool.
i could SO do what she did. ;-)
no, but her paintings made me want to be her.
i want to paint 700 paintings in a year.

i know this guy who always says that... "y'ant to?" or whatever.

 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet my littlest sister gave me her old coat.

hey, what is your opinion of moving to Missouri?
i know someone who is gonna.
actually, my son and his father.
it's because of a job and stuff.

i definitely want to at least GO to Missouri and check it out, man.
my grandma is from there.

new boots - Photo Hosted at Buzznet see my new boots? - Photo Hosted at Buzznetblue suede boots - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
i am curling my hair with a curling iron this morning.
then i am going to do a fashion show by trying on all of my sister's fancy dresses and taking pics of myself in them!

it will be exciting.
rest assured you will see some of the pics.

these past few months, my hair has been falling out at an unprecedented rate.
before that, i never noticed my hair falling out at all, but now, every time i brush it, loose hairs go a-flyin'. must be stress.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

somewhere i have heard this before

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so i got a cellphone from my mom and it takes pictures.
i haven't uploaded any yet and i won't be able to for a few days.

argh. i need to mail something.

you know what are cool? mobiles. you know. anything that you hang from the ceiling and it is decorative and dangly.

i've had a cold for the past few days and have needed to sleep a lot.

you are a messed up person. FACE IT! we ALL ARE! nobody is escaping that! are you proud to be a member of the human race?

in I Like Killing Flies, Shopsin says, "The whole ballgame is about being not-so-terrific and accepting it."

he says: "REALIZE: you're a piece of shit. You're not a good person all the time. You're not that terrific."

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society. Mark Twain

Monday, December 24, 2007

okay, here you go then.

see? i wasn't lying.
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have you seen the movie I Like Killing Flies? it is good. it's a documentary about this Jewish guy named shopsin who has a restaurant in NY.

btw, just because someone bought me new jeans and i am skinny and i watch movies does not mean that i am happy. cuz i am not.

i am a dorkface, still. and more.
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 - Photo Hosted at Buzznetsilly face - Photo Hosted at Buzznetjeans - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

disposable cameras suck

these pics are from a week ago.

the human race is crazy. did you know that?

i have made homemade tortillas two times, now.

more pictures soon.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

i'm a loser, baby

let us see....
how else can i piss you guys off?


i have a lot of hair on my face.
whiskers always growing out of my chin.

i am VERY anti-social.
people annoy me.
they always have to be around.

yapping their fool heads off.

i have soot on my knuckle.

i ate cauliflower and a corn tortilla for breakfast.
then i ate some kind of Yo+ yogurt thing. it was lame.

my favorite meal is cottage cheese with tomatoes, spinach and triscuits.

today i am making white beans with ham hocks.

i like egg nog.
i haven't had any this year, tho.
maybe i will buy some today.

did you read about how japanese blogs are more numerous and proliferate than american blogs and they are usually anonymous and they are usually self-defacing rather than self-promoting, like english-speaking blogs? they like to conform rather than be pathetically desperately self-glorifying.

something like that. i read it in the newspaper.
i'm at the library right now and their comps are so slow that i don't have the patience to try and find a reference link.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

a dose of 'reality'?


ahhhh reality. what is it? is it something fixed and solid? is it something everyone can agree upon? or are there an infinite number of 'realities'?

you can't handle reality.

here is a pome.

at the rainy tennis courts
orange soda, olives, almonds, chocolate chips.
pine needles wind strewn are broom swept.
feed the chipmunk
i could take a nap
fire dept tinny announcements echoing.

i wrote that one.
someone else wrote this next one to me:

"loose threads emanate from all sides of an unfinished, tightly woven tapestry as in us clinging to life. you're not in control. none of us are except geo bush the shrub and dickhead cheney the evil puppetmaster. blame them for everything."

and this from the dalai lama:

if you cannot help someone at least do not hurt them.
my religion is kindness.

i wonder what his IQ is?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

the wind blew everything out of proportion


in the past month, i've listened a lot to Madonna's Confessions on a Dance Floor or whatever it's called. i never had any interest in hearing it because i loved American Life so much and it was nothing like American Life. anyway. it's okay. meh. but uh....


oh... yeah.... i was gonna say that if you listen to Like a Prayer (the album not the song) there is a song on that tape that sounds a lot like her stuff on COADF.
it was a precursor.

i wrote this in my journal yesterday, "I'm being a total epicurean nihilist"

DUDEZ my IQ is 137 AND my genius is verbal and visual/spatial. SO :^P

not that it matters.

cuz nothing really matters.......

or does it?

"i want to know God's thoughts. the rest are details." --a.e.

time keeps on slippin'.... into the future.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

eating and drinking just make you have to go to the bathroom.
having to go to the bathroom is a pain in the ass.

there are people.
i usually think i am smarter than most of the people i meet.
but sometimes they know things that i don't know.
useful, practical things.

i think that sometimes i give an impression of being less smart than i really am.

someone who used to be my sister said that she has a problem of wanting to control the universe and it's funny because just this morning i was observing that about myself. like, why can't i be the one in charge of things? why do other people get to have a say? let's do it MY WAY! for a change, how about...?

anyway, so you may think i'm stupid and i may think you are stupid.
i think the human race is maybe kind of stupid.

kind of?? that's a laugh.

we are screwed, is what.