Thursday, July 31, 2008

heave a sigh

Picture 067
i 'led' a painting class for the O.G.'s today. (and by O.G.'s i mean old folks at the 'rest home') but yeah. it was not how i had imagined it would be. i was thinking more like my college painting classes used to be, but this was a wee bit more like kindergarten. so...
anyway, it's hard to explain.
it's just like... you picture something in your head and then it's nothing how your pictured it but that doesn't mean it's bad. y'know?
we needed better paintbrushes, tho. that is for sure so hopefully if there is a next time, we can have that.
all in all, i'm glad i did it.

outfits i don't have the body for

Picture 027Picture 030Picture 031
actually, that shirt was way too small and those shorts are way too short/small to be wearing out in public... i'm just too old for that shiznit.

Picture 034Picture 035
i actually DID buy that skirt but it's way out of style, isn't it?
i just wanted one that wasn't too horribly sluttified.
slutty ain't ma stylez.
i guess out-of-fashion IS, tho.
here's the shorter one:

Picture 036Picture 038
works in theory.
but what can you do in that thing without flashing the world your special bits?
pardon the incredibly lame euphamism.

here is a definite NO:
Picture 040Picture 043Picture 044
just thot it'd be fun to trysies.
i would NEVER wear that.
the top is okay but not the bottom. i'd have to just cut that part off?
neah. the whole things not me.
maybe if i had huge boobs.
anyway, sorry if this grossed you out.
there's no accounting for taste.
great. i look forward to the insulting, degrading reactions from my dedicated readers.

do you like my outfit?

Picture 075
somebody in Sao Paolo, Brazil really really really gets a big kick out of hating me.
ALL of the negative comments on this blog are from that one IP location.

it's heartbreaking, really.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

how do you FEEL?

Picture 016
watched Romance & Cigarettes an urban rated-r musical by john turturro? and it has chris walken and it's kind of like an unanimated family guy type thing? cuz it's just craycray. (<--i invented that word)

Picture 012
also i watched Live Free or Die and it was okay. interesting and stuff likes thats.

Picture 010
i have anxiety about everything! for reals. but then like lots of people at work give me all this feedback that i am always so happy and smiling and singing and happy-go-lucky and i figure it is just a social defense mechanism i've developed to avoid crumbling into a crying mess?

Picture 013
redheads FEEL more... or so they say.
i wish i had the answer sheet for this choose-your-own-adventure of a life.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

check out the decs

go here if you want to see what happened to my painting ability.
maybe it is that i work better in a classroom setting?
who the eff knows?
the thing i like most about painting is the act itself.
the more time i have to spend on it, the better.

Picture 045Picture 006
lately, it seems i don't have a lot of time available for painting.
i don't know.
sometimes i just don't feel like painting.
i guess i have lots of slumbering talents.
or not.

Picture 042
as usual i've been watching lots of movies.
i've watched:
The Number 23, it was okay but OMG the square root of 1 is blah blah blah times 3-2 is 32 which backwards adds up to 23!!!!! i'm scared-d-d-d-d-d.
no but, yeah.

I Hate My Job with Neve Campbell is about how INSANE women are. you get to see neve campbell's boobs but they are not sexy in this movie. flat and covered with make-up... i dunno. something unnatural about the shot.

Picture 069
Chuck & Larry the adam sandler movie about posing as two gay guys to get married for an insurance settlement. some funny stuff but mostly, uh... gay?

what else? Into the Wild is cool if you just want to be all mellowed out and relax. nice soundtrack from Pearl Jam. i think the movie is sposeta be about eddie vedder but i'm not sure about that.

i forgot!

Picture 005trying on didn't buyPicture 003
that's funny how my nose is in the shot. haha.
i hated that skirt and did not even come close to buying it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

while the oven is hot

love this one
my painting
still wet here and i did end up adding a few finishing touches after these pics, mostly enhancing black outlines.

Picture 013
the idea came from an illustrated children's dictionary... paperback from a yardsale.
my main interest was using metallic paints.
i like them.

Picture 031Picture 032