Thursday, July 31, 2008

outfits i don't have the body for

Picture 027Picture 030Picture 031
actually, that shirt was way too small and those shorts are way too short/small to be wearing out in public... i'm just too old for that shiznit.

Picture 034Picture 035
i actually DID buy that skirt but it's way out of style, isn't it?
i just wanted one that wasn't too horribly sluttified.
slutty ain't ma stylez.
i guess out-of-fashion IS, tho.
here's the shorter one:

Picture 036Picture 038
works in theory.
but what can you do in that thing without flashing the world your special bits?
pardon the incredibly lame euphamism.

here is a definite NO:
Picture 040Picture 043Picture 044
just thot it'd be fun to trysies.
i would NEVER wear that.
the top is okay but not the bottom. i'd have to just cut that part off?
neah. the whole things not me.
maybe if i had huge boobs.
anyway, sorry if this grossed you out.
there's no accounting for taste.
great. i look forward to the insulting, degrading reactions from my dedicated readers.