Thursday, July 17, 2008

technology as nature

Picture 153
new paint supps.

i'm gonna watch these
gonna watch me some DEEVEEDEEs.

love the smell of this
i picked up this calendar for free.
it's meant to be ironic!
it's meant to be funny.

to me, anyway.
i'm not a reagan fan, m'sef.

mmmm ayurvedic soapas usual i can't capture how things look to me
i wish you could smell this soap. i love the smell of it.

Picture 160Picture 148Picture 149
old pics.

Picture 150
what other movies have i watched recently?
a movie called trust the man with maggie gyllenhaal and billy crudup and julianne moore and david duchovny. it didn't do much for me. i like maggie, tho. to me, it was forgettable.

well. i am going home, now.