Tuesday, July 29, 2008

check out the decs

go here if you want to see what happened to my painting ability.
maybe it is that i work better in a classroom setting?
who the eff knows?
the thing i like most about painting is the act itself.
the more time i have to spend on it, the better.

Picture 045Picture 006
lately, it seems i don't have a lot of time available for painting.
i don't know.
sometimes i just don't feel like painting.
i guess i have lots of slumbering talents.
or not.

Picture 042
as usual i've been watching lots of movies.
i've watched:
The Number 23, it was okay but OMG the square root of 1 is blah blah blah times 3-2 is 32 which backwards adds up to 23!!!!! i'm scared-d-d-d-d-d.
no but, yeah.

I Hate My Job with Neve Campbell is about how INSANE women are. you get to see neve campbell's boobs but they are not sexy in this movie. flat and covered with make-up... i dunno. something unnatural about the shot.

Picture 069
Chuck & Larry the adam sandler movie about posing as two gay guys to get married for an insurance settlement. some funny stuff but mostly, uh... gay?

what else? Into the Wild is cool if you just want to be all mellowed out and relax. nice soundtrack from Pearl Jam. i think the movie is sposeta be about eddie vedder but i'm not sure about that.