Tuesday, July 1, 2008

cheese and rice!

candy barmixedpolishedfrankenberry face 2
gross! i wore these stupid little socks that cut the circulation off to my feet and so my feet got all swollen and my ankles too and it looks gross man. sheesh.
also that is just a strange twisty turny angle of my body.

different anglesee my nails?
look you can see my dumb birthmark in that last pic

short shorts i don't wear in publicnew necklace
well, at least i can fit a lot more pics on my camera now! success!
some guy taht i don't know but have only seen at the library a lot felt bad for me cuz i was waiting for a computer so he let me use his laptop and he took off and i didn't even use it cuz a computer became available so now his laptop is unattended and i am ready to leave! ack!