Monday, June 30, 2008

sending out an s.o.s.

red windowwhiskey bottlecar with painting
went to a classic car show.
a poor excuse for one, that is.
but here are the pictures nonetheless.
it was way too hot and i was totally sweating or i'd've stayed longer.

carznice corvette
watched semi-pro yesterday.
it was funny. and so ridiculous.
also some sarah silverman video.
she is raunchy.
but cute and funny, too.

also rented The Grand and some other newish movie starring gary oldman.
will watch those tonight.

blue and orangerefractfive dollar chili dog
checked out a few CDs from the library.
best of blondie. (i like some of it)
john denver. (not really in the mood for him, tho)
ben harper (i'm liking it)
rem murmur (it's okay, i like 'talk about the passion')

yeah, my mp3 player is in recovery mode and i have to reload the firmware, i guess.
so many problems with technology i have.

oh on the news today someone was talking about osama bin laden and they said, "obama"