Wednesday, June 11, 2008

bibliophile, i am a

the library won't let me upload my mp3 player.... so that narrows my options.
none of my other options are particularly convenient, but that is okay.
it'll happen.

above is the fancy restaurant where i ordered the following meal which really wasn't all that great but that didn't stop me from eating every last bite of it in one sitting. hey, i was starving!

i ate this all in one sitting and it wasn't even that good
the shrimp were just NOT good.
i mean, they were edible but tasted like they'd been frozen, got freezerburn and then were cooked in the microwave? but not even that good. i've had better shrimp from frozen dinners i got from grocery outlet, man.

oh well, at least i don't feel that ripped off cuz i am not the one who paid for it. my friend 'took me out' for dinner. we got takeaway and watched Jumper. it was entertaining in a pretty much mindless sort of way. the black man with the white hair, Roland dude...? his hair looked totally ridiculous like he stuck a wet washcloth on his head and cut it to look like a wig.

free books library discards
but i got all of these books from the library discarded book bin and that is COOL!
man i love books. i have an addiction. it's probably OCD. whatever. i just have trouble stopping myself from taking some every day.

Picture 015
i really need to even out this 'tanline' thing i have going on.
i was just messing around with this skirt and tried it as a dress... but i won't wear it like that. it looks strange. much cuter as a skirt with a black tank. or a t-shirt or somethin'.