Tuesday, June 17, 2008

i saw what i wanted to see

on our way
so, the event was the 'strawberry festival' and the 'races' at the fairgrounds.
i was not particularly thrilled with my experience.
to the races

after about an hour, i was totally done and ready to go home...
which i did.
my friend stayed for at least two hours after i left.
maybe if i'd had a bigger memory card i'd've stayed but i doubt it.
adjusting my brakes for me
i'd rather be at home most of the time.
i like my alone time.

Picture 004Picture 005Picture 014Picture 010
there were some, shall we say... interesting people there, tho.
like... what is up with people, man?
i just. don't. get. some people.
maybe all people.

Picture 011Picture 015
it is also very much overwhelming when i go to places with crowds because it is hard for me to close out any of the stimulus surrounding me and i get overloaded.
it's like i notice too much and don't know how to shut them out.
i sort of feel invaded just by the presence of other people.

Picture 007
and something else i could mention is that i prefer to hang by myself and pretty much only hang out with people who pursue hanging out with me because otherwise, i would rarely if ever pursue spending my time 'socializing' if you know what i mean.
for instance, most of the time, i have zero interest in anything that anyone has to verbalize in my presence.
prolly not.

Picture 006
but anyway, MAN is buzznet slower than molasses or is it just this computer?
ten minutes to upload ten pictures. give me a break.
i also don't have time to look at blogs which take a year to load.
nor do i have time, apparently, to fix the bad link to beth's blog on my sidebar.
i suck.
no, i don't have time.
also, why is it that a half hour lunch goes by SO FAST but a half hour at work feels like three hours?
is it time travel?

Picture 009Picture 012
i should not eat nachos with chili. i think i've had it three times in the past week or so.
i must be pms-ing. i make poor food choices when that happens.