Tuesday, June 24, 2008

you can DO it

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at dinnerhe didn't like the foodmenuvegetable balls cooked in a creamy nutssalty lassistirred
the internet is dumb.
and i like it.

it's funny, here in this backwards town, we have a new indian restaurant and it doesn't get much business from what i can tell most people here probably are afraid to eat there cuz it's 'foreign' and they are cloistered.

it's alivefried cheeseorphan soup
but so we go there and i am trying to talk to my son about the food and stuff and like what people eat in India and junk and i am somewhat aware that it is difficult to talk about this stuff without coming off as a pompous, pretentious know-it-all but i was trying to be just matter-of-fact and educational about it while still humble about my second- or third-hand knowledge of indian cuisine. i mean... anyway.

mmmm nan basket
but at that time we were the only ones in the restaurant. later a different party came in and they started kind of talking about their knowledge of Indian cuisine and i thought to myself they sounded pompous and pretentious and arrogant and hahahahaha.

life is funny.

you know what i mean?

anyway... my life is what it is and i like it just fine. there's always something to complain about in any life, you know?

my son's GEE-tars
but i think frequently about how what my sister said on her blog a while back is so true. like, god is watching us because we are it. she knows.

i got flowersin process of arrangement
try not to be so presumptuous.
think and wait.