Tuesday, June 10, 2008

10 things i like about my job

Picture 007
1. people bring in dogs that can just roam freely through the halls and they bring puppies and it is just cool.

2. co-workers who sing randomly as they are walking through the halls.

3. off by 2:30 each day i work.

4. can watch t.v. while working

5. lotsa opps for service to humanity.

6. makes me think and learn about life.

7. interacting with the residents is fun, rewarding.

8. eavesdropping on everything that happens (drama).

9. work 4 days a week.

10. pretty laid back work environment (feels like home in some way).

Picture 001
i uploaded some songs to my mp3 player. looking forward to doing that some more today after work. weee!

p.s. blogging is very time consuming! it took me a half hour to do everything it took to make this post! sheesh. not counting the offline prep time (taking notes, taking pics). it's a good thing i enjoy this cuz it does not PAY in more ways than one.