Thursday, April 30, 2009

ain't no party like a west coast party

i came upon this set-up. i had no involvement with creating it.
susanville 153
someone probably pissed in those apparently unopened bottles, right?

susanville 154susanville 156susanville 155dirt
yeah, those are appropriate hiking shoes, eh?

motorcycle broken in dirt
girl on a motorbike

see-thru faded

fifties day or what?

yes, i am going to start branching out and feel around for a new job.

it's been a struggle because there are definitely aspects of my job which i like, but there are other aspects which are ruining it for me.

part of my reluctance to stop working there is that i don't like the idea of 'giving up' or the idea that there are people who have been doing that job for years, like 7-10 years and i look at them and think, "if they can do it; i can do it"

i wish. but there's just something about it all that bothers me.
i'd really like to write a book about it, or something extensive.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

like a jungle drum


haven't had the inclination for blogging lately.

right now, i have to get ready for work.
oh man. i wish i could stay home.
so, i have to change my thoughts.
i have to think, "ok, i'm going there to help. they need my help. i will offer it."

Sunday, April 26, 2009

a meaningful goal

susanville 100
i'm going to get myself an acoustic guitar for my birthday.
my birthday's not until june, but i'm on the lookout, now.
i'm going to learn to play by watching youtube instruction videos.

it is one of my goals in life to play acoustic guitar so i can make my own singing cover songs on youtube videos.

Friday, April 24, 2009

where is my motivation?

another taken by sispic taken by my sisteri'm a mom
this post is using all pics taken by my sister.
it's interesting to see familiar things from someone else's point of view.
she has a good eye.

video dance partyem wah
i guess i was trying to dress like kathie lee gifford?
why is it that i pretty much never feel like cleaning my house.
i haven't always been this way.
something has to motivate me to want to clean
and i just can't find that 'something'

sad trombone

my sister snuck this photo and quite a few others.
i haven't found the time to get to uploading all the cool pix from her visit.
i am slow!
i am very tired after i get home from work and it seems to take many hours for me to get to a point where i feel relaxed and by then i am ready to sleep.
but i'm going to a be having a little vacation after today.

just a couple of days to catch up on myself being who i am.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

information overload!

upside downPicture 1814Picture 1823monkeybari am a sandwich artistehalf-eateni made this soup from scratch. it is very stinky in my fridge though.
it's funny.
at my job there are two "stations"
station one and station two.
I am and always have been a big fan of station two and not so much of station one.

I have requested to always work on station two, but so have quite a few other people.
the two sides of the building are like two totally different worlds!

anyway, today, i discovered one big difference and it explains a lot.
the nurse's aides who tend to do well on Station One have disgustingly saccharine attitudes (in my opinion), while we Station Two people are more negative, sarcastic and complain-y. Shit Talkers, i suppose. But we embrace it and enjoy it.

so today, i'd had enough of the grotesque positive attitudes at station one and had to sneak over to station two for a second to get my 'negativity fix'
whew. so much better.

on station one everyone was all kissing eachother's asses profusely and talking about what a GREAT day it is going to be and how much they LOVE everyone and everything. i almost had to gag.
so i ran over to station two and the CNAs were punching eachother and saying sarcastic insults. it was way much better-o.

i'm like, "You think it's gonna be a great day, oh YEAH? why am i not experiencing this feeling?!"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

la dee dee

my sister is finally here to visit.
she's 18 y'all.
i am twice her age! woot.
or not woot.
but this is the only picture i've taken of us together, since she's been here.
luckily it turned out pretty well.

more photos of our shenanigans later.

Monday, April 20, 2009

dear baby jesus

i really wish people would stop using loud noisy machinery outside my windows on my days off when it's beautiful weather outside so i can't leave my windows open without feeling horribly annoyed and feeling this feeling of frustration and resistance to excessive peace disturbance.

how do you like my new pajamas?
now that it's too hot to wear them.
but they are still cool.