Monday, April 13, 2009

music keeps me alive

bikini tops are the bomb-diggity
tried on a few swimsuits.
i'll stick with one-peices, covered by sarongs, thanks.

you know what?
my job is so difficult, it is so so so so difficult.
have i mentioned that before?
i've got to start looking for something else or something.
every day i have to work, i am afraid.
i have to really psych myself out to face it.
once i clock in, there is no respite from the insane struggle to keep working and not walk right out the door.
the only redeeming quality is knowing i am truly helping and providing a much-needed service. it's not the people i'm helping which makes it difficult.
it's the structure, the administrative failures...

i'm being purposely vague here.
it's a touchy subject.