Wednesday, April 1, 2009

april FOOL

almost donesoupone of my readers (a troll, in this instance... always posts anonymously, says annoying things) for some reason doesn't believe i can actually cook. thinks i can only microwave things. more than anything i find this totally pointless and ridiculous.

slimy shrooms
i threw these pickled shiitake in at the last minute. also some canned carrots cuz i had them. *shrug*
in any case, just about ANYONE can cook. you just buy ingredients, throw them together, heat 'em up. not saying it will always be YUMmy (or 'nom' as everyone on earth is now saying and now i can't handle that word anymore)

my grandma and my mom are amazing cooks. i've been cooking since i was a little girl.

Picture 398
i am a little lazy, though, and lack ambition... and my tendency is to sort of not really give a flip, so i cook stuff like the above (which actually, you just thaw and eat). my grandma, on the other hand, baked every day. she would make something every day and take it to work with her for everyone at the hospital to eat.
or, i enjoy cooking FOR someone... like a family. but currently, i am living alone.
it's a bit of a letdown to make up a big fancy meal and then put it all in the fridge and eat it as leftovers. well, not as much fun as impressing someone else with it. (hopefully. and usually people love it when someone cooks for them. i know i do.)

Picture 399so, the other day, i wanted to use up the rest of my soup ingredients because i've been trying to eat from what i already have in the house. the cabbage and broccoli weren't as fresh as i'd ideally like. so the pics show that. the 'browning' aspect, i guess. not very blogworthy, afterall. BUT, i am irritated about this dumb commenter trying to be like, "SEE, YOU CAN't COOK! IF YOU CAN't BRing IT don't BLOG it" for heavens sake. what is this, junior high? i'm almost old enough to be your mom, whoever you are. or maybe not, but still.

so i tried to get all creative with the photos to make them more appealing but that didn't even work. plus i got bored of it.

Picture 699
anyway, i think the most irritating part of all this BLOG-BULLSHIT i've been dealing with for three years, now, is the idea that i am a LIAR!? and that i am a fraud. and being totally made out to be someone other than who i know myself to be. that is what irritates me.

Picture 689
these smug a-holes who think they have me all figured out. actually, they just WANT to believe they do because it fulfills some weird need for them which i don't understand. i guess they just WANT a stalker and they want to believe that stalker is ME. sorry, toots, i'm too effin' lazy and half-assed to be a stalker. just not enough ambition. not enough focus here. and in the meantime, whoever you are, YOU have become what you have been focusing on. haha

i made this out of stuff i had around the house.
also, i made this necklace. out of other old necklaces and stuff around my house.