Wednesday, April 22, 2009

information overload!

upside downPicture 1814Picture 1823monkeybari am a sandwich artistehalf-eateni made this soup from scratch. it is very stinky in my fridge though.
it's funny.
at my job there are two "stations"
station one and station two.
I am and always have been a big fan of station two and not so much of station one.

I have requested to always work on station two, but so have quite a few other people.
the two sides of the building are like two totally different worlds!

anyway, today, i discovered one big difference and it explains a lot.
the nurse's aides who tend to do well on Station One have disgustingly saccharine attitudes (in my opinion), while we Station Two people are more negative, sarcastic and complain-y. Shit Talkers, i suppose. But we embrace it and enjoy it.

so today, i'd had enough of the grotesque positive attitudes at station one and had to sneak over to station two for a second to get my 'negativity fix'
whew. so much better.

on station one everyone was all kissing eachother's asses profusely and talking about what a GREAT day it is going to be and how much they LOVE everyone and everything. i almost had to gag.
so i ran over to station two and the CNAs were punching eachother and saying sarcastic insults. it was way much better-o.

i'm like, "You think it's gonna be a great day, oh YEAH? why am i not experiencing this feeling?!"