Thursday, April 16, 2009


Picture 700
unbelievably huge salad.

Picture 701
yesterday's 'easter party' at my job was NOT my cup of tea at all.
i don't like showing up to a 'party' which has been in the planning for weeks only to find there is pretty much nothing going on. there were no decorations. upon arrival, nothing was set up, ready, or planned, it seemed. it was really embarrassing for me. i had been telling my daughter "we're going to an easter party"

Picture 820
now if i would have stuck around for about two more hours, maybe something would have come about... i heard rumors there was food (tho i never saw any).
come on, people. how hard is it to put up a few streamers, buy some cookies, and a few plastic eggs at the dollar store and have the stuff out so people feel like they actually showed up for a REASON!

thai healthy pineapple coconut brown rice thing
i don't know why i expected more. the christmas party was no better.

also, the people at my work act very blah.
i left and came back three times and never saw any sign of a 'party'
but apparently my expectations are way too high.
and thru all that running around (i was on foot, with stroller)
i somehow lost my wallet.
retraced my path but never could find it.
fantastic, eh?

this is a shirt but would be a cool swimsuit
also, it was totally freezing cold outside yesterday.
it looks like a nicer day, so far today.
let's hope so.

and btw, kids are GREAT for your self-esteem.
today my daughter said, "you have little boobs like ME, mommy"
(she's three)
and she also said, "you're FAT mommy!"
love it.