Friday, April 17, 2009

blogging is bad for your health

Picture 1545
i can't take the hate.
i don't feel like it's balanced out.
blogging is the only place i've ever experienced so much hatred being placed upon me and i just don't get it.
well, i guess, one of my ex-boyfriends is the only other place i've experienced so much hate being directed at me.

Picture 1504
that's it.
blogging is dead.
being on the receiving end of hatred
it's just not worth it.

Picture 1503the hateful comments i recieve (most of which i delete and then ban the sender)
are not deserved.
not justified.
not welcome.

tell me why i should keep blogging?
i get plenty of entertainment and enjoyment elsewhere.
good-bye cruel blogosphere.
tell me why i shouldn't leave you.

someone besides the haters, tell me what justifies the hate i am dealing with?
what's the point.

i think i am done with hate.