Monday, April 13, 2009

the cupboard was bare

pretty fleursstairfacePicture 1299
my new goal is to write lists of my goals.
otherwise nothing is ever going to get accomplished.
i'm much too daft to remember what i want to do, or buy, or anything.

bird on crosswe're all sheep
these images are from one of the many murals in this town where i live.
my most recent art instructor painted them.
i miss being in a painting class.
i paint really really well, when i have an audience, or competition.
otherwise my motivation is next to nothing so my paintings are really really lazy.
i am just so unmotivated in general, lately.
i painted what could be considered a tryptic... the theme of which is birds flying in the sky. now i just need to locate some tacks to hang them on my bedroom wall. there is a perfectly good blank area on my wall, just waiting.

flower mural by my former art teach
(no, i'm not pregnant, even tho i look pregnant here. it's how i was standing. and my shirt)
so, i'll add thumbtacks to my shopping list.
along with a bunch of food.
i've been using up all of the food i currently have in the house,
but i'm really getting down to the slim-pickin's right about now.
time to start making a list.
jeez, i'm repetetive.