Wednesday, April 15, 2009

come on people, now, smile on your brother

bird grey sky
my neighbor listens to the same song over and over
and especially at 5 AM.
it sounds almost like Hanging by a Moment by Lifehouse,
but i think it's something else.
a Christian song, most likely because that is what he mostly listens to.

bird on cross with tree
and i think he practices singing it, too.

legit graffiti
hey, if you are mad at me? could you please maybe try not to be mad at me?
it really bugs me when people are mad at me.
it's like, i feel this sense of unfairness.
or like, none of us should be holding onto 'anger'

because what good does it do?
i do get angry, yes... but i try to let it go.
i really do.
you don't believe me, do you?

another view.
i just want to love and be loved.
maybe you think i'm a hater.
i don't want to be a hater.
we all have to resist the dark side of the force.

now listen.
please don't think i'm crazy, now.
i'm not crazy.
don't you think it would be impossible for me to have survived the past year of my life if i were insane?
if only you knew.

trying on bikinis
today will be good.
i am gonna take my daughter to the easter party at work.
run some errands.
i want to go to a couple of thrift stores and maybe walmart.

overalls are totally in now.
i canceled my cable because the internet is all i need.
and the cable company charged me nineteen dollars to cancel.
that blows.
same thing with the gym.
fine, people....
squeeze out every last drop.