Friday, April 3, 2009


sheep riding
this is what i do on my days off.
no, but when i was a kid, i was a sheep-rider.
or not.

i DID go bowling the other day, howevs. i am severely slacking on my uploading and dealing with photos. when will i show you my newly cut hairdo?

candy claw
maybs in four days, since it's been four days since i went bowling and i don't even have all of THOSE pix uploaded, yet. too busy watching oprah and tyra.

and drawing hamburgers on giant white tees with a sharpie.

antler chandelier stuffed toysfoundagun
had a good day at work today.
also working tomorrow.
this morn when i was trying to ride my bike to work, i shifted gears while i wasn't pedaling due to not sitting on my seat because it was frozen and my stupid chain got stuck and i had to lock up my bike to the nearest fence and walk the rest of the way to work! COOL.