Monday, April 6, 2009

artistic photos of nature

chalk girl sidewalk
whenever the weather's nice where i live, and i'm at home, and i open the windows... within about ten minutes, without fail, the maintenance man starts running the lawnmower right underneath my window. i really hate loud noises.
going for a walk today, about twenty different unnecessarily loud cars had to drive by me and scare me half out of my wits.

cloud sky
i cannot STAND vehicles that make loud noises.
i am not impressed, dude, that your car sounds like an effing airliner driving by me on my spring day stroll around town.
all i can think is that the person driving that car is rude, inconsiderate, selfish, and uneducated or just totally irresponsible.

telephone wire
had a nice walk to the park.
bought a few groceries.
got way too hot again after having left my apartment wearing a sweater and a scarf cuz i was freezing in there!

tree sky clouds
but just wait until it's summer.
there won't even be the slightest breeze through my apartment even if i leave the windows open and fans on all day and all night.