Wednesday, December 31, 2008

listen to my story

awesome hm coat only 50 i want it
i tried on this coat at h&m and loved it. $50 i didn't have to spend at that moment, however.

hooters signhooters to go boxhooters wet napshooters tableour hot hooters waitress
went to hooters for the first time.

hooters cup 2hooters girlshooters waitresshot hooters chicks
people at hooters
all i can say is: it was underwhelming... but fun.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

i love musicals

across the universe: it won't be long

Across the Universe If I Fell

mama mia! the winner takes it all. (get a box of kleenex)

Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) I Dont Know How To Love Him

mall world

escalator girl with bow
aw, isn't she cute?

mall teeth whitening
go to the mall. get your teeth whitened?

omg look at all the fake uggs in there.

cali girls
mall girls

mall girl shorts
she must've just got back from the gym and had to rush to the mall? but it was actually a really hot day. in central california, you really only get about a week of winter-fashion-worthy-weather.

mall folks
poor girl. i remember trying on that dress in forever 21. in turquoise.

hot topic belts
my son bought one of those belts.

hot topic pants
peg bundy is the new fashion icon.

one dollar
ok... boots that look kinda like uggs are okay as long as the feet part is more form-fitting and less slipper-like?

mall dresstwo mannequinsmall windowmall cop
uh-oh, peep the uggs. fashion police alert.

IMG 4170mall tree
get ready to be hungry...

mmmm bread
mmmmm carb heaven. ;-)

where are my pictures of the fat guy doing wii fit? argh!!! i'll have to show you later. like in a few days. i don't have time cuz i am traveling back home today.