Sunday, December 28, 2008

you're my friend! YAY!

IMG 4109
here i am this morning at my mommy's house.
we are getting ready to go visit my grandma who is currently in a nursing home cuz she fell and hit her face. she should be out soon, tho, i hope.

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my mom got this christopher radko ornament to remember her father, (my grandpa), who is no longer living but he was a farmer, a cowboy and a cement worker.

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my lovely lovely water mixable oils are BACK! oh how i've missed them so. i cried a little when i opened them. i inhaled deeply of the wonderful linseed oil. i love the smell. my mom did not share my sentiment in that area.

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and a coupla nice canvases. now i can do some REAL paintings.

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i keep thinking i am going to like these pants, which i got for free. they are size 7 but they are huge and make me look bumpy. they are supposed to be slouch skinnies. yeah whatever. something is wrong with them and i really should just toss them.

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also this sweater accentuates a bulky midsection, which really mine isn't that bulky but whatever. whatever. i have pics to prove it but then people will just be mean to me. whatever they always seem to find something to carp about.

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basically, that outfit isn't working. (wasn't working. i wore it yesterday)