Friday, December 5, 2008


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blogging by phone on a 3G network is not always fun when you live out in the middle of nowhere. it takes hundreds of ages to do anything and often things don't turn out looking the same on the phone as they do on real computers. i just found out that my last two posts had pictures of monumentally epic porportions. now i feel like a nerd! plus the pictures don't even look the same on the phone as they do on a pc.

neck - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
anyway, i got this shirt at a thrift store yesterday.
i had more stuff than i had cash for at the time and the lady behind me offered to pay for the rest. i said, "oh, i'll just put them back" but she said, "if you really want them, i'll get them" and i said, "okay. thanks" and that was nice.
i think it is because i've been practicing a lot of positive type thinking lately.
so the universe is conspiring with me.