Friday, December 19, 2008

another painting i'm working on.
needs work.

oh and the tree painting, i notice you can see it now... i stepped on the stupid canvas when it was on the floor. i didn't know it was on the floor and i stepped on
it and argh-sticks. but oh well.

this morning i went to the gym and i did a different elliptical machine (one that includes arm movements) for 35 minutes and then i did a bunch of nautilus stuff and then i did the stairclimber for fifteen minutes after that. it all felt really good and then i walked home in the windy snow after that.

then i walked to the library. it wasn't snowing but the snow on the sidewalks and roads made the walking more interesting and dangerous and probably involved more exertion. i'm glad to be more active again. it feels great.

oh yeah,another dressing room pic i forgot about. i like that shirt.
not really with the leggings, tho. with tight jeans, maybs. i dunno.
this curl is done by putting my hair up in six little twisty buns when it's only a little bit damp... then blowdrying and leaving it in for about twenty minutes. i like it better than hotrollers, actually.

random picture of Top Model Barbie.

this is an illusion.