Friday, December 26, 2008

time will tell

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The past two days at work were very busy. I mostly helped out in Activities. After i walked home from work yesterday, took a shower and ate the last of my quinoa concoction, i realized i could barely stand up straight my back was hurting so much. Being tired & cold will do that.

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Now i am experiencing insomnia, having been awakened at eleven i've been mentally alert for four hours since. That has been going on for a few months or so.

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I'm on vacation, now, so i don't have to worry about working tomorrow, at least. But i do want to go to the gym in the morning before i leave town for a few days.

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Ugh, at this point it's 4 AM & I'm seriously about ready to have a cup of coffee & throw in the towel. Maybe i can take an afternoon nap later? Most likely i'll have the coffee & then feel sleepy. Then i'll know i have ADHD.

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Or maybe i should eat some leftover turkey for the tryptophan.

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Woah. Dude. I think we just had an earthquake. SOMEthing just shook the whole building.

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Hope you had/are having a happy holiday.