Monday, December 29, 2008

the h&m day

on my way to hm
this morning i started out the day with an idea that i wanted to go to an h&m store.
i've never been to one and i don't live near one, so while i'm in an area (while visiting my mom) where there are h&m's within a reasonable distance, i convinced my mom to take me.

the closest one was at the Pleasanton mall, so i asked her and she said yes.
WOO HOO! score. i can't believe you can't buy thru them online?

walking to mallhere we goson's legsmy son
my main purchase was a purse. also i bought a cardigan. but i tried on a few other things for funzies. it was a really fast trip.

hm bagclose hm pursemy new hm purse is rad
$25. polyurethane. made in china.
but stylish? no?

new hm purse!inside new hm purse already a mess
transferred all my junk into it already.

me with new purse
that's the cardy i bought. tried on another one, tho. pics to come.

IMG 4217IMG 4215
icky sleeve bumps. this shirt won't be worn with this cardigan much. or i'll just cut the sleeves off this shirt cuz i hate them anyway. the t-shirt. it's a strange cut. got it at a thrift store. i just like the samurai with gold glitter and mandarin? characters. actually, i think it's made in japan. it is vintage, i think.