Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry christmas-eve

merry - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
I am going to work today & tomorrow (by choice) & i'm quite happy about it, actually. I think it will be fun plus i get holiday pay. Besides, i'm not going to see my family til the 27th - the 30th so may as well spend time with the 'old folks'.

kitchen hands - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
This is how you make your legs look skinnier in photos. Have them be further from the camera than your face. However, holding your hands out front makes the hands look huge.

pull - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
Also, minimiye the appearance of an over-indulged midsection by partially obscuring it with your arms & pulling down on your shirt.
Stay tuned for more internet self-pic tips & tricks revealed!