Friday, October 31, 2008

i've never even met you, so what could i have done?

Picture 020
here is my lovely costume from the drawing for a free costume rental which i won

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it started raining last night and it's a gloomy rainy day and i hope it lets up this afternoon for a few hours so we can do safe & sane halloween.
Picture 007

i went last year, but had no camera at the time and there were SO many costumed people walking up and down the street. it was a big event and really cool. i hope it's good this year as well.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

selfishness: a kind of fish?

Picture 002
i bought this soap at grocery outlet and i thought it would be really cool, but it's kinda mushy when you get it wet.

Picture 004Picture 006Picture 007
these were all a dollar each. the basmati isn't as good as real basmati, and i have yet to try the other stuffs.

Picture 008Picture 009Picture 012

and i got this pizza which is supposed to be a superfood.
Picture 013
it was okay but left a yuk aftertaste in the mouth and the crust was more like wheat bread.

Picture 018
my arse felt huge when i looked in the mirror but looks less so (to me) in this photo. it could stand some work, tho. I KNOW.

throwin bones
a lady brought these to work and we played a game on break. they were teeny tiny.

i think i am a natural mimic and it runs in my family. i also love accents and impressions and people who can do that. i never get over laughing at ppl making fun of the crocodile hunter.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

it slipped my mind

Picture 026Picture 028Picture 027
i have been eating too much.
boredom eating, i guess.
tendency to get too comfortable, then bored, then eat eat eat.
must stop.

Picture 029

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

you should be president

Picture 010Picture 008inspiration pointPicture 016pine cone feetPicture 017

thought i left my camera in here.
yesterday i thought i'd lost my camera and that was very sad for me but i was ready to accept it and then i found it in my laundry! yay. i thought i had left it in this dressing room.

Picture 001
the other day when i was trying on costumes at the costume shop i entered a drawing for a free costume rental and I WON! i picked out my costume. a 'snow white' dress.
it is cute and fun.

Picture 004
after looking around very thoroughly at walmart's clothing, i found this dress. i want another one that is black and white oversized houndstooth. only $12. it's comfy.

Picture 006
i've been finding whole foods merchandise at grocery outlet. pretty nifty.

fennel smells good
the fennel smells good.