Thursday, October 23, 2008

a moment of weakness

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some girls at work said i remind them of the little mermaid.
i take that as a compliment.
i LOVE the little mermaid.

Picture 016Picture 015
my daughter and i painted this together.
later, i added something over the top of it.
you'll see that tomorrow or after that.
she thought she was very special and important to be painting on a real canvas with mommy.
(she is the one who makes ME special and important, actually)

Picture 014Picture 012
just some more playing around.
i love paint.

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those boots are $44 at payless. meh. they are okay.
i didn't buy them, but i'm sorta considering it.
not with those pants, tho. too bunchy.
Picture 024
i am so tired cuz i stayed up too late last night reading Narcissus and Goldmund.
that book made me cry sentimental, confused tears on pages 17, 22 & 23.

Picture 034
the other night i had a dream that i met two sets of conjoined twins at the same time, just walking down the street and it was magical and exciting cuz i knew how rare and experience that must be. especially in a dream. i think i knew i was dreaming.

Picture 033
it's been a long day.

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that light really distorts my face and it is way harder to take those pics than you might realize. i really want to try on the alice in wonderland costume but i am just too tired by the end of the day.