Monday, October 20, 2008

gord-bellied codpiece

Picture 045
i went to a COSTUME SHOP and tried on a WONDER WOMAN costume and took pictures and everything but i won't be able to upload them right away, i don't think so... or maybe i will but not right this second.
anyway, i know that HALLOWEEN is copyrighted by one person and only that one person is allowed to go to costume shops and try on costumes. sorry that i am so unoriginal.
and i am mentally unstable because i did the same thing as another person.
yeah yeah yeah.
be quiet you.

hey guess what, tho.
i like to watch director's commentaries. sometimes they are way better than watching the original movie. i watched the director's commentary to A Mighty Wind and that was the case. it was fun to watch the one on Master of Disguise, too.
i like to laugh at stuff.
silly head.