Thursday, October 2, 2008

don't be silly

last night i watched a ridiculous horror flick called Wrong Turn and it was pretty much a racist stereotype in the form of a B movie. It was about these supposed inbred hillbillies who were trying to kill all of the beautiful yuppie tourists who entered their territory. it was amusing is about all. and totally predictable as well.

Picture 011
okay, i lied. i HAVE been taking pics of my food.

i like eggwhites.

Picture 009
and turkey meatballs.

Picture 007
this miso soup wasn't bad, but high in sodium. not worth it.

soup eater
my cna class starts in a few days.
this will be a new sort of month for me.

library restroomPicture 008
and i have love handles. ew.

bus rider