Friday, October 3, 2008

talk to you tuesday

eggs and bakey for doggies
aren't those the cutest doggie treats ever?
(that' snot my hand, dorks)

that wasn't MY dinner. i made myself a taco salad with plain yogurt instead of sour cream. i love plain yogurt. and mission tortilla chips which i also like.
but i didn't realize that he had cooked a few more taco shells and they were all inside some paper towels to soak up the (olive oil) grease and i picked up the stack of paper towels and threw them in the trash. i remember thinking it was very heavy and i thought MAN that was a LOT of grease. whoops.
by the time i realized it, the trash was already out in the dumpster. too late.

the way of life
i think this is cute. heh.
free from somewhere.

Picture 001Picture 007
is that lion's mane-esque?
i hate those stupid shorts.

fake mad-doggersPicture 022Picture 015
another free booksies.