Tuesday, October 7, 2008

most people are easily fooled

ugh! i dislike so many things.
i won't torture you with that.
but i'll torture you with this.
because personal blogs are torture.
don't you think so?

Picture 024Picture 025Picture 027
woo hoo!
life is a competition about HOW COOL the food you eat is.
and how awesomely sexy you are.

please stopPicture 028Picture 001
and basically it boils down to:
someone has to lose
and it might as well be ME.
i am not cool.
duh duh duh duh.
and i HATE my closet of clothes!
so today, i got a buck a bag of stupid shirts from a thrift store.
not that it will help me because no matter what i wear,
i poignantly look horrible.