Tuesday, October 28, 2008

you should be president

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thought i left my camera in here.
yesterday i thought i'd lost my camera and that was very sad for me but i was ready to accept it and then i found it in my laundry! yay. i thought i had left it in this dressing room.

Picture 001
the other day when i was trying on costumes at the costume shop i entered a drawing for a free costume rental and I WON! i picked out my costume. a 'snow white' dress.
it is cute and fun.

Picture 004
after looking around very thoroughly at walmart's clothing, i found this dress. i want another one that is black and white oversized houndstooth. only $12. it's comfy.

Picture 006
i've been finding whole foods merchandise at grocery outlet. pretty nifty.

fennel smells good
the fennel smells good.