Friday, October 10, 2008

group delusion

Picture 002
i wish i had time to take more pics.
i wanted a pic of me on my bike and only had time to take this one.
so this is it.
not the best pic ever but oh well.

Picture 003
i made some of these last night but let them sit in the hot water after cooking so they got overcooked. oh well. they are 'white toque' brand.
beanie is much easier to say than 'toque'

Picture 001
thrift store vest. i don't really like it but i HATED the shirt i wore under it cuz it had no give. threw it in the garbage when i got home. luckily it was only ten cents at the thrift store. originally from forever 21.

Picture 004
a kid in my CNA class doodled on his book and came up with this drawring.
his mom is the same age as me.
and isn't it funny how everyone in my class thought i was under 25?
well it is very dark in my class and they all wear six inch thick glasses.... so.
and i am pretty sure that all the sophomoric negative comments that i never print on my blog anymore are coming from my stupid sister, kathryn.