Thursday, October 30, 2008

selfishness: a kind of fish?

Picture 002
i bought this soap at grocery outlet and i thought it would be really cool, but it's kinda mushy when you get it wet.

Picture 004Picture 006Picture 007
these were all a dollar each. the basmati isn't as good as real basmati, and i have yet to try the other stuffs.

Picture 008Picture 009Picture 012

and i got this pizza which is supposed to be a superfood.
Picture 013
it was okay but left a yuk aftertaste in the mouth and the crust was more like wheat bread.

Picture 018
my arse felt huge when i looked in the mirror but looks less so (to me) in this photo. it could stand some work, tho. I KNOW.

throwin bones
a lady brought these to work and we played a game on break. they were teeny tiny.

i think i am a natural mimic and it runs in my family. i also love accents and impressions and people who can do that. i never get over laughing at ppl making fun of the crocodile hunter.