Thursday, October 16, 2008

here are the answers

Picture 009
today this one pretty girl in my class said she doesn't think i should cut my hair.
then the guy who's mom is the same age as i, said that i ought to cut it.
i am leaning toward cutting it.
actually it is just necessary.
like i said, it won't be that much.... a coupla inches.

Picture 010
maybe i'll go after class today and do a 'walk-in' somewheres.
everytime i see a haircutter place with a sign which says, "walk-ins welcome" i think of the new age concept where they say one soul leaves a body and a new one 'walks into' it. y'know? like takes over the body? usually when something traumatic happens or like after a coma or something. so it looks like the same person but it isn't....
and then i laugh.
and i also think about how my ex-husband used to call christopher walken 'christopher walkins'.

Picture 008Picture 007
it is probably dangerous to be taking pics of myself riding a bike while riding a bike, eh?

oh hey, i just noticed that after i changed my comment box to say "worst enemy, best teacher', raymi changed hers to day "shit comments, shit people; nice comments, nice people." well, if she means that, then she is a shit person. *shrug* and so are all of you people who leave shit comments on MY blog, right?
who knows.

Picture 006Picture 001
i hate how mountain bikes make you bend over in order to hold onto the handlebars.
i like to sit up straight which is why cruisers rule.
i really want a recumbent bike, actually.
best for the back.

Picture 005
thrift store shirt, sweater, shoes.

Picture 002
if somebody destroys my bike.... oh well.
i'll just get a new one. AGAIN.

hey, just to let you know, I AM NOT the one who thinks i look 25. i feel old and i feel like i look old okay? it's everyone else who meets me and finds out my real age who flips out thinking i'm flippin in my flippin twenties. so get OVER yourSELF1
or dont. whateverrrrrrr.
i am not here to please you.
and i don't think i'm sexy, either. i really don't.
i am DYING to get my hair cut now.
sometimes that just happens.
sorry if my blog sucks. how bout you don't come to it then?
if that is how you feel.
can't we all just live and let live?
okay, then don't complain if i come to your blog and say stuff.
OH, you banned me?
why is that?
well, why don't i ban you, then?
oh because you use proxy servers?
why don't i do that to you?
cuz i have a life.