Thursday, June 5, 2008

ever heard of Bucky?

i had never really known who Buckminster Fuller was until i found one of his books in the discarded book bin at the local library.

very interesting!

you just never know what you might find in someone else's discard pile.

buckminster fuller
tomorrow is another day of travel.
i am finding that i am missing my job. as in, i would rather be there than having lots of free time. i mean, it's been interesting, but... i dunno.
i feel like i'm being unproductive and wasting time right now.
and time is money, eh.
i've got to stop typing 'eh' all the time.

it's funny, when i was in sixth grade, these two boys in my class were obsessed with that movie Strange Brew and they always used to talk like the Mackenzie brothers. calling everyone 'hoser' and saying 'eh' all the time.
it's, like, indelibly etched in my memory.
i really never even watched that movie.
i mean, i saw it kind of but didn't really pay attention.
i do that with a lot of movies.