Monday, June 23, 2008

you are my sunshine

worth 9?
today has been a pain in the neck of a day.
yesterday was kinda cool, tho.
ya win some ya lose some.

yesterday i was taken out for a nice lunch and a movie... the Love Guru.

i've been reading a book called Human Destiny and it's making me think that the speed with which certain aspects of human evolution are changing or evolving whatever well anyway the deal is we must also be losing something and what i think we are losing is Morality and Ethics. we as a species. the book is really old and it's by some french-sounding named-author. sorry, i am tired so my thinking is jumbly.

the Love Guru movie is classic Mike Meyers.
the movie was basically all about the Toronto Maple LEAFS.
and all the jokes were about bodily functions and body parts.

anyway i have lotsa junk ta do and so now i have ta go.

the lame piece of crap computer i used to do this post made it take me almost 45 minutes to get this done! it drives me insane i tell you!
how is it even possible for internet to be this slow?